Type - Storytelling & Personal

Task – Create a brand and website prototype for 'Waggler'.


Waggler was part of my final major project in my third year of University. I wanted to put two passions together, UI/UX design and dogs and came up with the idea of putting dogs and dog walkers together through a 'match-based' system.

As this project was part of University, there was a lot of theory research from colour theory, market research, brand creation and case studies; I won't bore you with the details. However, if you're interested in discussing this research, feel free to reach out.


As I was developing the brand from scratch, I had to get some things out of the way first, such as 'the why' behind the brand, or the problem the brand is potentially fixing.

"We understand that not everyone has the time to walk their dogs as lives get busier and sometimes one-off situations can happen. Sometimes people can feel guilty when not walking their furbaby, so why not let someone else do it if they have the time or want to earn extra money?"

From here, I looked into potential competitors and similar websites. This was to investigate if there was a continuity between brands as users would expect similar aspects and can be easily put off if this need isn't met.

After this research and my own personal research, I developed a colour scheme, logo and brand guide.

logo experiments.png
logo (2).png
logo (1).png


I initially created a sitemap which included all the aspects that I knew I had to create designs for. This also showed how the pages would interact and which pages would link to others.


Here I began developing 'blocked out' designs for the landing page. I created different variations of what could work, then merged my favourite designs for the final version. As I didn't have a brief to work from, this was all personal preference and continued working until I was happy with the result. (Progression from left to right.)

Once the blocked out versions were finished, the final wireframes could be completed which included all information and stock images to enhance the look of them.



Using the final wireframes I had created, I chose to further develop the project by creating a prototype using InVision.


View the prototype here.