Type - Showcase & Inform

Task – Design and develop website to establish online presence

Butterworth Bees was originally given to me as a University assignment in 2018. The client had asked for help designing and developing their website as they had almost no online presence and wanted to expand their clientbase.


After the assignment had finished, the client chose to continue working with me outside of the Univeristy.


Before diving into the depths of design, I always research similar products, companies and websites to get a sense of identity. I find this useful during design projects because all clients and customers have an 'expectation' when they visit your site or view your digital content, and can be disappointed if these are not met. For example, have you ever felt slightly frustrated when a button doesn't show if you have clicked it or not?


In this instance, the client had already given a list of websites she wanted to draw inspiration from. I also looked at what Butterworth Bees stood for – their overall identity. Who were their target audience? What’s their main selling point? All these factors matter when beginning to design and they should all be showcased in the final product.



Here I developed some initial designs for the user to give their thoughts and opinions on. It was imperitive to me that I developed a range of designs and took the best from each and progressed further from there.

Mockups were created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD to create interactable prototypes. Although mockups can be enough, a prototype helps the client see the project come to life.


Responsive examples of what the site would look like on smaller screens were also provided. The client made it clear they wanted the website to look professional and luxurious as this kept in touch with their brand.

To go the extra mile for the client, I also offered a  free logo design which I thought fit the brand well.


During the initial assessment, I created HTML and CSS versions of the designs I had created. I found this to be a challenge, but an exciting one nonetheless.

After discussing varying options with the client, we decided the best way to get the website online would be through WordPress - this takes us to the final version.



We knew we wanted to work with Libby from the initial meeting as she had taken the brief and understood how we not only wanted the site to look, but how we needed it to work for us as a company.

Her dedication to developing our website is evident in all aspects of the site. Her outstanding attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our ideas and vision to life online has resulted in not only a customer focused website that is easy to navigate and visual appealing, but is easy for us to maintain.